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  SafeHome Residential Security Systems

Let us protect what is most important to you.

Provide security for your home and family. Guard your assets against theft. Monitor in-home care providers. Alert you when your child comes home from school. Protect against fire with early warning detection. Whatever it is, we have a customized solution to fit your needs. In addition, most insurance companies offer up to 10%-20% off your Homeowner's Insurance premiums when you have a system installed.

If you have questions about getting started with a residential security system, or have an existing system , please call us toll free: (888) 295-5298 or click here to contact us now.

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Security Systems

Consider a few facts:

     Homes without security systems are about 3 times more likely to be broken into than homes with security systems.

     Victims of burglary offenses suffered an estimated $4.6 billion in lost property in 2008; overall, the average dollar loss per burglary offense was $2,079.

     Burglaries of residential properties accounted for 70.3 percent of all burglary offenses.

Source: Crime in the United States 2008, Department of Justice-Federal Bureau of Investigation

The facts are in-home security systems are effective in preventing loss of life and property and ensuring peace of mind. A home security system could be one of the most important investments you'll ever make and you most likely have a lot of questions. How do security systems work? What does a central monitoring center do? Will my pet set off my alarm? We're got the answers and our sales consultants are here to guide you through the process. After all, your security comes from knowing that you've made the very best choice for your protection.

Fire Monitoring

Having a monitored fire system means you have always-on fire protection whether your security system is armed or disarmed, whether you're home or away.

     Traditional home smoke detectors only work if someone hears them in time, often by the time the fire department is notified, time is taken away from critical response time and repeatedly too many fire deaths occur in homes where detectors fail to function because their batteries are dead, disconnected or removed.

     While, Monitored Smoke Detectors automatically sends a signal to our monitoring center the second the system is activated. Our highly trained operators will contact the fire department and you in the event of a fire, ensuring fire protection for your home and family, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

      Also many homeowners' insurance companies give an additional discount on your insurance for fire protection.

Security Camera Systems

Video systems allow you to provide protection for your home and family in a whole new way. At Advantage Protection Inc. we can provide you with a video solution that is right for you. And, it's personalized and secure.

Total Connect

Allows you to stay connected with your home and family even when you're away, utilizing everything today's technology has to offer.

     Control your security system via a virtual keypad using any web browser on a PC, or via SMS on a PDA or cell phone.

     Receive important alerts through any text messaging device, including cell phones and PDAs (e.g. receive an email when your child has arrived home safely from school).

      Be notified of activity in various areas of your home; letting you decide what action to take (e.g. when doors have been opened or closed, when the security system has been armed or disarmed, when a safe or liquor cabinet has been opened, flood or temperature changes in or outside your home, motion by a driveway or pool area).

      Utilize optional video services to receive images of specific activity occurring around the interior or exterior of your home (e.g. if the housekeeper leaves)- all you need is Internet access.

Carbon Monoxide Detection

Carbon Monoxide (CO) is an odorless, colorless, toxic gas that can kill in minutes. With a Carbon Monoxide Detector, you can provide the very best defense against this deadly threat. It connects to your security system and can be monitored by our monitoring center 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Asset Tracking

Guard against theft with a device designed to easily affix to any valuable requiring protection including flat screen TVs and other electronics, safes, paintings, family heirlooms and more. Asset protection offers you an additional layer of protection that can be programmed to always be on, even when your system is disarmed.

Temperature/Flood Sensors

Protect your home from freezing temperatures or pipe breakages with a temperature or flood sensor . Ideally suited for a wide range of applications including laundry rooms, freezers, wine cellars and basements.

Personal Emergency Response System (PERS)

At Advantage Protection Inc. we offer the world's smallest 2-way voice speakerphone pendant communicator. Emergencies can happen anywhere in one's home, yard, or driveway.

     Our PERS device allows customers to communicate with our central station instantly and efficiently with one button activation within many hundreds of feet from their bases station.

     The system covers an average American home and well into the front, back and side yards.

     The pendant is also water-resistant, so it can even be taken into the bath or shower.

     We also offer an Emergency Wall Communicator designed for permanent placement in areas like the bathroom or bedroom.

Personal GPS Tracking

Protect your family with a cost effective personal tracking system that can allow you to monitor and locate your family in an emergency, keep an eye on aging parents or keep your teenage driver accountable.

     Our system will notify you on your phone, PDA, or computer if an elderly parent or a loved one travels outside of a set geographic boundary.

     With a press of a button, a family member can notify you immediately that they may need your help. You will know their exact position and be able to communicate with them.

     Contact us today to learn how a GPS locator can give you an extra layer of protection and safety for your loved ones.

Click here to contact us today and talk to one of our qualified sales consultants to schedule your free home security evaluation

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