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Unlike some "one brand" companies, at Advantage we offer a comprehensive range of alarm products to supply you with the best equipment available on the market. We use only the highest quality, most reliable technology from the leading manufacturers in the industry. This includes products from Honeywell, First Alert , Bosch, GE, DSC and most any other manufacturer of product in the market.

We can inspect, test, repair, maintain and monitor almost any brand of alarm equipment, not just those we install. At Advantage, it's our job to keep your system up and running, and we do it with competitively priced service that works around your daily schedule.

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 Security Products


Allows the security system to be turned on or off by entering a code. Every system usually has one of these near the most frequently used door.

Motion Detector:

Monitors open areas, triggered by movement and body heat. We have motion detectors that can tell the difference between a pet and an intruder.

Door/Window Sensors:

Triggers the alarm if a secured door or window is opened while the system is armed.


If an intruder tries to break-in, the sound of the siren will emit that lets intruders and your family know that the security system has been triggered.

Smoke/Heat Detector:

Detects smoke or unusually high temperature, sounds an alarm to warn you of a possible fire. Depending on the laws in your area, there may be smoke regulations regarding the placement.

Carbon Monoxide Detector:

Carbon monoxide (CO) is an odorless, colorless, toxic gas that can kill in minutes. Professionally installed, monitored carbon monoxide detectors can play a critical role in saving lives.

Wireless Key Device:

Add a wireless remote control key to your security system. A hot item that fits right on your keychain and can be used as an emergency button.

Glassbreak Detector:

Triggers the security system upon detecting the sound of breaking glass, while ignoring the sounds of thunderstorms, telephones and other common noises.

Asset Protection:

A device designed to guard against theft. It easily affixes to any valuable requiring protection including paintings, flat screen TVs and other electronics, family heirlooms, safes, machinery, equipment and more.

Outdoor Motion Sensors:

Ideal solution for outdoor motion detection. They alert you about movement in the perimeter area you want. Excellent for pool areas, driveway activity, sheds and other structures.

Control Panel:

Contains the processor that transmits monitoring information to the central station, placed normally out of sight in a closet or utility room.

Temperature and Flood Sensors:

Damage resulting from broken water pipes is the number one home insurance claim. Being notified upon the detection of water or the danger of frozen pipes can minimize damages or even circumvent them.

3 Alternative Ways to Communicate or Backup your Security or Fire System

A security system is only reliable as its ability to communicate alarms. A system's most vital link, the telephone line, often is also it's most vulnerable. We offer three wireless solutions to completely replace traditional phone lines or backup your system, so you can rely on your alarm getting out every time.

     API-LINKED Radio communicates alarms via a mesh radio network, guaranteeing fast and reliable alarm reporting

     With Cellular your alarm is communicated over a RF frequency, there is no cellular phone call required and no system busy conditions to deal with.

     Your alarm system can now even be monitored over the Internet.

     Contact Us and talk with one of our sales consultants to discuss what options are available for your home or business.

How Central Station Monitoring Works

     Alarm signal from your business or home is received at our central station

     Verification from our central station contacting authorized personnel

     Notification of police, fire or emergency personnel who will be summoned to your business or home by our security professionals when you need help

     Response by police, fire or emergency personnel who arrive at your home or business

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