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  Local Monitoring

Local Monitoring Center = 24 / 7 Customer/Technical Support

Having your system monitored by a reliable company plays a crucial role in the effectiveness of your security system. At Advantage Protection Inc. trained operators monitor your system 24 hours a day and take any appropriate actions. This can mean dispatching the police or fire department, notifying a business or homeowner of a problem, clearing the identity of someone who wants to enter a protected area, or providing early notice that your system needs service or repair.

Benefits of Local Monitoring

      When reviewing alarm companies, it is important to find out who is doing their alarm monitoring and where the monitoring station is located. Many companies use third party sub-contracted monitoring facilities in other states that also monitor hundreds of thousands of accounts for other security companies around the country.

      This can lead to poor customer service and a breakdown in communication to the company servicing your system if your system should have a problem.

     Better Service At Advantage Protection Inc. we own and operate one of the only local monitoring centers in the greater Vancouver/Portland metropolitan area since 1975, which means that the accuracy and handling speed of your alarm is better served

Why have Advantage Protection monitor your system?

      Our UL Listed Central Monitoring Station is located right in Vancouver, WA.

      Our highly trained monitors and technical staff are always available, toll free to answer any of your questions, whether you want to change a alarm code or schedule service, a live body will answer the phone every time.

      Our monitors have rapport with local authorities, knowledge of local conditions, jurisdictional control, and situations that relate to the dispatch of emergency services.

     24/7 Protection Our monitoring center is licensed to monitor and manage nearly any existing or new security, fire, video, elevator or access system. You'll be impressed with the people and the technology working to keep your life and property safe 24/7.

  Why should my system be monitored?


Unmonitored alarm systems cannot provide you with the protection you need. Most residential burglaries occur when you're away during daylight hours. When your alarm is monitored by our monitoring center, you are assured of around-the-clock protection and the rapid dispatch of emergency services at all times.

     Homeowners Insurance Discount Most homeowner insurers will discount the cost of your homeowners insurance from 10% to 20%, depending on your policy and the type of coverage (adding a monitored smoke detector will maximize your savings). Contact your insurance agent for details.
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Most commercial burglaries occur when the premises are closed, and after hour security guards can be expensive and ineffective. When your alarm is monitored by our monitoring center, you are assured of 24/7 protection and the rapid dispatch of emergency services at all times.

      Advantage can also provide you with open and close reports that tract the times your system is armed and disarmed by user, daily communications tests, and if your business isn't closed with the alarm set by a certain time, we can contact the owner or managers.

      In addition, we also offer 24-hour elevator phone monitoring for emergency situations.
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