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  Fire Monitoring

Maximize Your Fire Protection

Thousands of fires occur in offices every year, resulting in injuries, deaths and over $2.6 billion in direct property damage
(source: NFPA).

At Advantage Protection Inc. we can monitor nearly any new or existing fire alarm or waterflow supervisory system. We also offer fire alarm installation. When we monitor your fire alarm system with our UL listed monitoring center you're guaranteed 24/7 protection. Our fire alarm systems help save lives by alerting the central station that there is a fire. Our central station can contact you and the fire department giving you the best all around protection possible .

 Eliminate the Cost and Need of Telephone Lines for Fire Monitoring

Reduce monthly monitoring costs by eliminating telephone lines that are no longer necessary to communicate fire alarms

Fire is a destructive force that can cripple your business in seconds. For commercial fire applications, you need a quality product that you can count on.

     Reliable. We offer reliable radio technology that complies with stringent commercial fire codes and offers a secure alternative to phone lines for fire alarm transmission.

     Cost Savings. Our radio devices replace traditional telephone lines for fire alarm monitoring, which could mean savings of hundreds, if not thousands of dollars per year.


     Eliminate Telephone Lines. No need for telephone lines, which means freeing yourself from costly 3rd party fees.

     Virtually 100% Reliability. A wireless mesh radio network links individual transceivers together, which means signals can follow any of multiple redundant paths to reach our local monitoring center, for virtually 100% reliability.

     Highest Standards. Tested to the highest standards; NFPA compliant and UL listed.

     Reliable. Systems can be monitored in remote or hard-to-reach areas where other networks fail.

Honeywell's Fire Radio

     UL Listed. This standalone commercial fire communicator is UL listed and meets the communication demands of commercial fire applications and AHJs (Authorities Having Jurisdiction).

     Compatible. Universal compatibility allows use on virtually any fire control panel.

     Multiple Communication Paths. Multi-path transmission (internet and digital cellular) capability eliminates the need for phone lines, providing monthly cost savings.

     State-of-the-Art. All signals are delivered to Honeywell's AlarmNet Network Control Center and than routed to our central station. The state-of-the art AlarmNet Network Control Center is fully secure, redundant and monitored 24/7.

Traditional (POTS) Telephone Lines

     While we highly recommend an alternative method of fire alarm transmission, traditional (POTS) telephone lines are still a viable backup or primary method of alarm transmission.

     If you do not want to replace your phone lines or it is not currently a feasible option for your business or organization, we will be more than happy to provide the same top quality monitoring services for your fire alarm system via your current telephone lines.

*We can also monitor your new or existing security system with one of our reliable radio systems.
Contact us to learn how.

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